Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

If you have a recorded history of being a Marijuana Smoker or you know someone who smokes Marijuana you must read this article. We are going to discuss certain aspects related to the life insurance for the Marijuana smokers.

It may be a little difficult for you to get through the life insurance application process as the drugs are illegal in most of the countries and are said to be having an impact on the immune system.

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How Does the Life Insurance Company Detect the History of a Person Who is a Marijuana Smoker?

As the first thing to apply for a life insurance policy you fill up their application form. At the time of giving application, you have to present the medical reports of certain tests such as – urine test, blood test, sugar test, thyroid test etc.

Some of the companies have their own provision for conducting these tests. Any such record history of being a Marijuana Smoker or any other drugs can be easily detected in these tests.

So, Is It Possible for a Person with Marijuana History to Get a Life Insurance Policy?

Well yes. There are certain companies that have some Marijuana friendly plans. However, there are certain conditions that you may have to meet before applying. Also, there are high chances that the cost that you may incur will be comparatively higher than a general life insurance policy.

What is the key?

For the people with Marijuana history there are two key aspects to consider:

  • To find a company that supports their condition
  • To find the best rates before applying.

There will be various blogs depending on your region and locality that will give you information on what all companies support the Marijuana Smoking people’s life insurance condition.

There are companies that will give you the facility of filing your application online itself. You need to do this research on your own and compare their rates. This is one of the best ways to find the most competitive rates in the market.

What to Expect from the Insurance Companies that Offer Marijuana Friendly Plans?

There are some preparations that you need to do before applying for life insurance policy. First of all be prepared to answer the questions that life insurance agents are going to put on you.


If you have been taking marijuana to treat a certain condition such as a migraine, then it is easier to explain the condition to the companies. In this case, the company may inquire about the condition of a migraine and its severity on your health. You may have to present the medical documents supporting the fact.

Do NOT Hide

Some people try to hide their condition or the truth about the drug. But it is better if you self-explains the condition at the time of application itself. If you are dealing with an agent it is much better than you talk clear terms with him. If he will be aware of your situation he will be able to help in locating the best possible insurance company that can support and comply with your condition.

Higher Rates

The other thing to expect is the higher rates. Although the companies provide service, it is natural that they charge higher for the patients who suffer from any medical condition. Given to the case of marijuana, expect it to be on the higher side itself. Internet research and some coordination with the local insurance agent may help you find the best possible rates in the given situation.

How Do the Insurance Companies Deal with Their Customers Who Have Been Taking Marijuana?

The insurance companies are in the market to expand their business and attain a wider customer base. Therefore they try to cooperate with their customers individually at the best levels.

However, there are conditions that enforce them to levy certain stringent rules. Considering the risk-averse situations they may have some filters that affect the insurance plans of the customers.

In this case, too, the companies try to talk to their prospective customers through their representatives. They will inquire about the reasons that led you to intake the said drug.

If they find the reasons to be genuine enough, they will be lenient in your case. They will try to give you best possible rates in their risk appetite bracket.

If they get to know of your drug smoking habit as a part of addiction then the things may be much difficult for you. Each case is dealt differently in this situation.

What Can Go in Your Favor?

Prescription by the Doctor

If you have been smoking Marijuana under some prescription then it is better to preserve the last a few medical prescriptions for you. At the time of application itself, you can present a copy of these medical prescriptions that will work in your favor for applying for the insurance.

However, if the condition is severe, then the problems may occur. Like any other patient who suffers from some serious illness, the case has to be dealt with extreme caution by the insurance company.

In extremely severe conditions such as AIDS, severe arthritis, cancer it is highly likely that the application may get rejected altogether.

In such conditions, people generally opt for “No medical examination No waiting period” life insurance policy. Although these policies are much costlier for people who are in dire need of insurance policies but suffer from some serious illness, these are best suitable options.


It is not easy for a Marijuana smoker to attain a life insurance policy. However, there are insurance companies that offer policies for Marijuana smokers too. Depending on the severity of the drug intake these companies decide on your premiums and the amount that can be insured.

The best possible way to find the most suitable insurance plan is by discussing your case openly with the insurance agent. With his help and with the internet research you can attain the most favorable life insurance plan and enjoy its benefits.