5 Medical Conditions that Affects Life Expectancy of Seniors

Life expectancy in America has increased recently with the development of medical science. Moreover, seniors are nowadays more careful to live healthy lives. These two efforts have helped to improve the overall life expectancy.

To stay healthy it is recommended to follow few rules like quit smoking, healthy diet, regular exercise, etc. Anyway, we have a different article on that, check that out.

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5 Medical Conditions that Affects Life Expectancy of Seniors

Heart Disease

One of the most life-threatening diseases among seniors is heart disease. According to CDC, in 2014, 489,722 deaths recorded among seniors over 65.

About 37 percent of men and 26 percent of women above the age of 65 are suffering from heart diseases.

Major heart problems are associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and strokes. These are life-threatening situations and life insurance rates get affected because of these health issues.


The second most common disease is diabetes. According to the statistics of the CDC, 24% of men and 30% of women are struggling with different types of diabetics.

Though a diabetic is not directly involved in any death, it creates all the circumstances that are needed to make a human body inactive.

Moreover, diabetes can cause a medical condition named diabetic ketoacidosis which is life-threatening. Major urinary infections can also be caused because of diabetes.


As CDC stated in 2014, 413,885 seniors over 65 had died because of cancer. Though it is not always possible to prevent, cancer awareness and healthy living can reduce the chance of cancer.

It has proved that if you take regular exercise and follow the perfect senior health diet, you can stay away from this dangerous disease.


This is not a disease actually but it is a health risk and obviously life-threatening. Obesity is not directly involved in death but it causes serious health issues.

Heart diseases, higher cholesterol, diabetics, etc. are caused because of obesity. We say obesity is the start of everything bad. Try to maintain the standard weight from today to live long.


In 2014, 92,604 deaths counted and most of them were above 60 years. The number of death is not negligible. The disease causes cognitive decline by stopping the function of brain cells. The disease is not curable and causes dementia.

It affects the major components of the brain and affects one’s normal daily activities. We suggest you have a healthy life and try to stay away from any mental depression to avoid this deadly health problem.

Life Expectancy and Insurance Policy

Life insurance policy has the closest relation with life expectancy. The lower life expectancy of a person means a higher risk to the insurance provider.

Hence, if a senior needs life insurance with any of the above-mentioned diseases, the cost will be higher than normal.

But, there is an exception as well. If the disease is treated properly, there is a high chance that the insurer will accept a client at a lower cost.

If the disease is not curable, there is always an option to buy life insurance with no medical exam but there will be 2+ years waiting period for sure.