How Much Does Average Funeral Costs?

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For someone who has recently lost someone or perhaps has been given the huge responsibility of planning someone’s funeral, it may perhaps seem like a difficult yet emotionally consuming task.

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It is not easy to accommodate all the funeral guests, respect the wishes of the diseased, and ensure that the funeral proceedings are carried out in an organized, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Things To Know Before Planning A Funeral

Hence, there are several things one must know before organizing a funeral in order to have an estimate of the cost that will incur throughout this process.

“In 2017, On Average Funeral Costs Was $9000

Who will attend the funeral

It is important to have a rough estimate of people who would be coming to the funeral proceedings and whether there is enough space and food to accommodate all of them. If a large number of people are wishing to come to the pay their respects to the diseased it is important to arrange for a larger space.

Did the diseased have insurance?

In most cases, if the deceased had life insurance or perhaps final expense insurance, a lump sum amount may be provided in the case of death. However, it is also important to know that an insurance plan may not cover everything.

One might still have to pay for the cremation or funeral services. Also, most insurance plans are also not aligned with inflation and perhaps the insurance coverage may not be enough to pay for the more expensive products.

What would be the method of final disposition?

Some people already have made the personal decision of how to be disposed of, whereas for others it is a matter decided by their faith or religious affiliation. Whichever of the two cases it is, the wishes of the diseased must be respected.

Hence, it would be better to know early whether you are having a traditional burial or not, so it would be easier to look for someone providing this necessary service.

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What Costs Are Involved In A Funeral?

Although the 2014 Survey by the National Funeral Directors Association has estimated average cost for an adult funeral to be $8,508. It is hard to determine the exact value in each case. Hence, a rough estimate of the costs involved in this whole procedure by analyzing the tasks that need to be done will suffice.

  • Whether a person wishes to be cremated or buried would affect the funeral prices, as prices for cremation are considered to be a lot lower than prices for a traditional burial. If you are planning a direct burial without any memorial service, it falls under the cost of 1,000 dollars. However, in most cases, the memorial service is important and serves as an opportunity to offer emotional support to one another as well as pay tribute to diseased.
  • The merchandise one selects affects the overall funeral costs incurred. For instance, the quality of the burial vault or casket would influence the average cost.

One may also be required to pay the Basic Services Fee, which consists of the required funeral home services such as cemetery arrangements or cremation, as well as the filling of necessary paperwork.