Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85

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We all know that death comes suddenly, no one knows when to die or how. Today or tomorrow everyone has to leave this lovely earth and family.

Money is essential for a better life and at the age of 85, you still need to think about it. Life insurance for seniors over 85 is needed because you have to keep something for your children and funeral expenses.

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As a responsible person of your family, you must leave something that will help the next generation to live a better life.


When you are 85 years old you don’t have a job, you may depend on your children. How will you pay the burial expenses?

Obviously, you will never want to be a burden for your family after death. Although it is late, obtain life insurance over 85 and support your family financially.

life insurance for seniors over 85

Why Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85 Is Expensive?

It is common that the rate of life insurance over 85 is too expensive and there are very few insurers offering this type of policy.

Are you worried?

There is nothing to fear; we are here to find you the best policy. There are some companies who are interested in providing life insurance over 85 as you are a respected citizen of this country.

Life insurance for people over 85 is expensive because of some specific reasons. At this age, no one can hold a physically fit body.

Almost all people over 85 face major or minor health issues. Diabetics, memory loss, or high cholesterol are the most common issues that a senior over 85 faces.

You might also have faced major health surgery in recent years. These are very sensitive matters for the insurer because you are a very high-risk client for them. There is hardly any way to avoid the expensive cost of life insurance.

If you can prove to the underwriter that you are totally fit physically something may happen; you may get the low-cost life insurance that you are looking for.

What If You Are Not in Good Health State?   

If you are not in a good health state you can simply go for guaranteed acceptance life insurance for seniors over 85.

At the time of underwriting the policy, the insurer may ask you a few questions about your present health condition and they will obviously approve your request.

The process is very fast also as there is no hassle of providing medical documents or tests. The process is simple but the premium is high.

A medical test is considered as a way of determining the premium, you have to pay a high premium rate because you are not going through the medical test process and the insurer doesn’t have any idea about your physical condition.

Which Type of Life Insurance Should I Choose?

This is an important portion of finding life insurance. Whole life insurance for seniors over 85 is the best choice, let us explain why.

Currently, your age is 85 years or more. If you buy term life insurance at the age of 85 for 10 years you can’t get the chance to renew it when it expires. To find more about whole life insurance, click here.

The maximum age that a life insurance company accepts is 90 years. If you purchase term life insurance when you are 85 years you will face trouble in the future as you can’t renew it.

Hardly any company will offer you a 20 years term life insurance even if you are ready to pay a higher premium.

Whole life insurance is the best plan and you can find the best offers near you using our free quote service. Request for quotes as many as you can so that you can compare more to find the best deal for you.