How Drug Abuse Affects Your Life Insurance?

Drug abuse affects your life insurance in different ways. Life insurance policies have devised various terms and clauses pertaining to different conditions that their clients put forth. Drug abuse is one such condition that has various aspects and life insurance companies have faced critical challenges in convincing their clients with a fair deal.

The drugs abuse is a condition that completely deteriorates the health of the person who undergoes it. Depending on the intensity of involvement of the addict in this practice, not only the health, the drugs have a remarkable impact on reducing the longevity of life of the addict.

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Therefore it is better the sooner they are made aware of the harmful side effects of this practice and persuaded to get rid of it at the earliest.

Youngsters are the Major Sufferers

It has been found that maximum people who get involved in drugs abuse are the youngsters in between the age group of 16-35 years, check details statistics. So, they have a complete hope of recovering from the drugs addiction if they start taking timely treatment.

This will not only improve their health and the state of their life but also contribute in helping them to secure less expensive life insurance policy.

Drug Abuse History is Important

We would like to throw some light on the different aspects that the insurance companies consider to judge their clients with drugs abuse history.

Medical Test is Compulsory

First of all, it is important for the applicant to know that the insurance companies take an overall test of the physical state that includes a collection of medical test samples of blood and urine. These samples are taken for checking of a number of diseases and conditions that can easily tell about your drugs abuse history.

Therefore, it is always better than the client should state the actual facts in their application itself. This helps in securing the faith of the company representatives that help in going ahead with the process further.

Drug Abstained – Minimum 3 Years

Secondly, the company will ask you this question – how many years has it been since you abstained the practice of drugs?

In general practice, most of the insurance companies entertain the applicants who have crossed more than at least 3 years of abstinence from drugs.

If the time of drugs abstinence is lesser than that there are high chances that your application may get rejected. So, be ready for unpleasant surprises here if you haven’t decided to quit the drugs at the earliest.

For people who have 3 to 8 years of drugs, addiction abstinence period has a high probability of getting their applications approved. However, there are chances that they may have to pay some higher rates depending on their health condition.

This is in lieu of the high-risk factor that the companies state while dealing with the drugs addicts’ past history. As stated above the drugs play a significant role in deteriorating the health condition of the person and makes them age faster than others at the same stage of life.

If you have abstained any kind of drugs for more than 10 years now and living a healthy life, then you will be most likely treated as any other normal applicant. This means that no extra charges will be levied on your application.

Although it may vary from company to company so one can always consider the plans and offers from different companies to know the scenario.

What is the Right Approach for Applying for a Life Insurance Policy if You Have a History of Drugs Abuse?

Well, it is never easy to find a normal life routine for a person who has been a drugs addict in the past. Other than finding their own identity in the society they also have financial challenges to meet on every front.

Especially in case of life insurance, they must be ready to answer umpteen questions being raised by the company representatives and authorities. The key is to handle the situation in a patient manner.

Applying for a Policy

Provide the Correct Information

Nobody knows your situation. The first approach here is, to be honest, and be patient at the same time. Nobody knows what you may have gone through so they may not be able to understand your situation. Therefore, be prepared and answer honestly and TO THE POINT.

Look for a Suitable Insurer

Approach the insurance companies that support the people who want to start a new life post drugs abuse. You can get to know about them from various sources such as the internet, your rehabilitation center or even the insurance agent himself can tell (the one who deals in multi companies portfolio).

Apply Online

Make an online application and keep your health documents ready. If you have any certificate of appreciation or any records of achievement then you should present them (photocopy) at the time of application. You can find the insurance companies from our free quotes service.

Focus on Health

Focus on regaining your health by physical workout and eating nutritious food instead of using more than necessary medications. Build faith with the company representatives and try to talk terms with them. Their support will make the process much easier.

Last Words

These are a few points that will help a person who suffers from drug abuse and is looking forward to living a normal routine life as soon as possible.