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Life Insurance for Diabetics or DiabetesFrom the last few years, the amounts of diabetics are increasing too rapidly. Actually, we can’t blame anyone for this rather we have to be in touch with the up-to-date technologies in order to reform from such situation. The patients have to believe the fact that there is no permanent cure from diabetes. It is certain that we have to cop-up with it once the disease is found out. Life insurance for diabetics is little bit difficult to obtain but not impossible. At present you can find many life insurance companies who are showing interest to get a diabetic patient as their client.

When the word ‘diabetics’ gets included on your medical report most of the companies will offer you a higher premium which is really disappointing. Don’t be upset, you can still have the best policy. Let’s find out how to get life insurance for diabetics easily.

How Life Insurance Premium for Diabetes Patients is determined?

Here I am showing you an average extra premium that is applied on the life insurance for diabetics.

Age (years) & Type

5% to 6% of HbA1c (Male)

5% to 6% of HbA1c (Female)

7% to 9% of HbA1c (Male)

7% to 9% of HbA1c (Female)

10% of HbA1c (Male)

10% of HbA1c (Female)

Age 20-30 (Type 1)

120% – 130%

140% – 150%

130% – 200%

150% – 180%



Age 30-40 (Type 2)



100% – 180%

120% – 180%



Don’t take the number in the table above so seriously rather you should use this just to get an idea. The statistics was taken from a survey and thus may not show the exact number. It just gives you an idea about the extra premium that you have to pay in case of life insurance for diabetics.

You must know how the life insurance companies determine premium for life insurance for diabetics. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 (Children Diabetics) & type 2 (Adult Diabetics). You must determine the exact type of diabetes you are having. You also have to track your hemoglobin level which is very important factor for diabetes patients. You can consult with your medical specialist about this matter.

Life insurance for diabetics becomes easier if you have balanced sugar level. Another thing to mention that, you must be a non-smoker for being eligible for the life insurance in case you are suffering from diabetes. You also have to check if you have any other health problems like kidney damage, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, HIV or anything else. All of the insurance companies determine the premium upon the risk you pose to them so you must provide all the correct information. If you have any other health problems you must mention it on your insurance form otherwise the companies can reject any claims you will make later.

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy for Diabetics?

If you have too much sugar level you can do regular exercise or take medicines to control it. It is possible to decrease the Diabetic effects on your body by controlling it and in that case the insurance company may accept you with low premium. The level of diabetes will be different from person to person. If you can take your Blood sugar less than 125mg/dl, you will be considered as eligible life insurance for diabetics.

It is better to find some companies who are working with life insurance for diabetics and they can give you the best agreement within your budget. As like other diseases or flues, diabetics never go and this is the main problem while getting life insurance. You will be asked to show your medical report for 2 – 3 years to prove that you have well-controlled diabetics. You can check the quotes from the right column of our site to get the best insurance rates. It will show you different insurance companies and you can get an idea about the premium.

Some people are very confused whether they should go for a life insurance for diabetics or not. They are unsure about if they need it or not. Most of the people ask how much life insurance is enough for them. It totally depends on you. If you have a large family and your members depend on you then the life insurance coverage should be extended.

Another important thing is your monthly income and your savings or loans. In most of the cases, a person with five family members shows interest to cover up to $500,000 if his annual income is over $50,000. Let’s consider another example. If someone’s annual income is over $100,000, he should choose his life insurance any amount in between $600,000 to $1,000,000. It would be helpful for his family to live with the same standard after he dies. It is a big financial support for his family. Check our free quote for the best life insurance for diabetics, it will show you the top rated companies.

So, everything is on your hand. Take the right decision and secure yourself and your family with life insurance for diabetics.

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