Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure


If you have high blood pressure, don’t get hopeless about life insurance. Most of the people have this misconception that life insurance with high blood pressure is very expensive and it’s really hard to avail.

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Statistics of Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very common in the USA. According to CDC, about 75 million adults in the country are suffering from high blood pressure. As you can see the number is huge, so, insurers also take this as a common health problem.

“You can get affordable life insurance even if you have high BP”

5 Quick Facts You Must Reflect

  • When the disease is identified.
  • Level of your blood pressure.
  • Medicines you take.
  • Controlled/Uncontrolled.
  • Your age and any other disease.

Though blood pressure is a risk factor for the insurer you can get a reasonable price if you have it in a controlled situation.

Why is Blood Pressure Risky for an Insurer?

High blood pressure has a long-term effect on a person. People, most of the time don’t understand when they first faced the disease. Hence, the blood vessels work in high pressure for a long time period which can cause severe damage. It can cause heart attack, heart failure as well as kidney disease.

As you can see the effects of hypertension is very dangerous and could be life-threatening. This is the reason why insurers may mark you as a risky candidate for a plan.

Hence, do regular exercise and take regular medication according to your doctor’s prescription. Stop smoking, driving and any other bad habits.

How is the Premium for Hypertension Applied?

Each of the insurance company has its own rule. There are some ranges of blood pressure and each range has a specific risk factor. The insurer uses that risk factor and coverage amount to calculate the premium. However, you can know the exact rate by requesting free quotes.

How to Get Qualified for Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

life insurance with high blood pressure

It is not so difficult task. Modern science has developed a lot. There are medicines for hypertension and taking them regularly according to the doctor’s prescription, you can control the BP. If you have it in control for few months, there should be any issue regarding the high pressure.

You can also show the medical reports to the insurer to convince them that you are not at life risk. Regular check-up and medication can help you a lot to reduce the insurance cost.

Even some people with high blood pressure get rates as a healthy candidate. The important matter is keeping the pressure in your control.

No Exam Life Insurance with Hypertension

You can also consider no exam life insurance for hypertension, only if you believe you can’t control it quickly or have a family history. If you have very high blood pressure (above 150/90 for an adult), the insurer may reject your application. In this situation, if you don’t want to wait for controlling the BP, you can choose no medical plan.

If may also choose this policy when you are an elderly. An elderly person with high blood pressure relates more health risk which may become the reason of application rejection.

To learn more about no exam life insurance, read this post.

The Last Words

There are couples of types of life insurance available for hypertension patients. It is recommended to get at least 3 quotes from different insurers before taking the plan. We offer quotes from topmost companies, click here to get quotes.