Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics

As a diabetic patient, you will always look for something to secure yourself and your family financially. There are two types of diabetics we generally see. Life insurance for type 1 diabetics is popularly known as children diabetics or juvenile diabetics.

Life insurance with type 1 diabetics is quite hard to get because there is a high risk of health and the insurance companies determine the premium depending on the risk.

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Diabetic type 1 generally occurs in children or young adults. When your body fails to produce insulin this type of diabetics seems.

According to the survey around 5% of diabetic people face this type of diabetics. In this case, you have to take insulin to control your diabetics.

Insulin is a hormone that converts sugar into energy. When the body fails to produce the hormone, the amount of blood sugar increases and it causes the disease.

Why Is It Hard to Get Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics?

With type 1 diabetes it is harder than type 2 diabetics to get a policy because you can control type 2 diabetics by taking diet food but type 1 can’t be controlled without insulin.

You have to increase the amount of insulin day by day and it becomes harder for you to control the sugar level.

How to Get Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics?

Life Insurance for Type 1 DiabeticsIt would be quite hard for you to get life insurance in this case but it is possible. When you will go to an insurance company they will obviously check your history and the current situation of your diabetics.

They will ask you to provide a historical report of diabetic level as well as the medicines that you are taking.

You must take a balanced diet and balanced insulin to control the diabetics. If you take more foods in a day you have to take a higher insulin dose and thus you can keep your sugar level at a controlled level.

You must prove that you have well-balanced diabetics and you have good health to get the approval for the life insurance.

Statistics show that most of the insurance companies charge twice or thrice to diabetic patients. If a general person pays a $100 premium, you have to pay $200 or $300 for getting type 1 diabetic life insurance.

It is really a disappointing matter but you know all the insurance companies run on their own business rule which is for profit. Your budget should be extended if you are facing this disease badly.

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You will find very few companies who will accept you as their client if you are looking for affordable life insurance.

Create the best plan for getting the life insurance that can secure your life. If you are facing many difficulties, you can go for those companies that are offering guaranteed life insurance with no exam & no waiting period.

This could be the best opportunity for you to secure your life and your family.