Life Insurance for People with Migraine

Even if minor migraines have no real effects on your life insurance policy, the truth is that they have a major impact on it, when you suffer from a severe form of this disease.

However, if this is the case (you have a severe form of migraines), you don’t have to be discouraged because there is certain life insurance for people with migraine waiting for you out there.

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In order to understand what the impact of migraine on your life insurance is, you need to understand what migraines are, before everything else.

Briefly About Migraines

Migraines are practically headaches in severe forms and their symptoms are most commonly associated with severe and gradually increasing pain and in some situations, they are even accompanied by pulsing or throbbing.

Sensitivity to light, vomiting, and nausea are three other common results of migraines.

life insurance for people with migraine

In most situations, they are coming hand in hand with depression and if this is how your doctor diagnoses your migraines, you could be required to opt for life insurance with depression.

Because migraines could restrict your daily activities and could be linked to other diseases, the type of migraine that you have will have a certain impact on your desired life insurance with a migraine.

Migraines could last from several hours up to even a few days. It is not possible to precisely identify what causes migraines, but it is well-known that they depend on a number of external factors, such as:

  • barometric pressure changes;
  • exposure to strong smells, bright lights, and loud noises;
  • stress;
  • foods, like dairy products, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, aged cheeses, and red wine;
  • using various oral contraceptives
  • and hormonal changes in women during menstrual cycles.

All these factors indicate the severity of your migraine and in conclusion, your life insurance with a migraine. Abortive or preventive drugs and anti-nausea medications are the most common treatments for migraines.

Depending on their severity and nature, they could also be cured with pain relievers.

How Your Migraine Affects Your Application for Life Insurance?

Depending on the severity of your migraine (mild, moderate, or severe), this disease will affect your application for life insurance, whether you will get approved for it or not.

Your type of migraine will also determine the premium that you will have to pay if you get approved for your life insurance.

Insurance companies determine the severity of your migraine by taking into consideration certain factors, such as:

  • if you’re hospitalized for your migraines or not;
  • the frequency of your need for treatments;
  • the medications that you take
  • and the first time when you have been diagnosed with a migraine.

If you had migraines in the past and didn’t seek medical attention and treatment, but your migraines didn’t show up in recent years, the condition will not have a major impact on your life insurance for people with a migraine.

If this is the case, you will become eligible for the best premium rates ever.

On the contrary, if your migraines took place recently and you had to seek treatment and you are currently undergoing therapy, you can still become eligible for a life insurance policy; the only difference is that you will receive a standard rate, meaning that you will be required to pay a little bit higher amounts of your premium.

Finally, you will receive below standard rates if you recently had severe migraines on a regular basis and needed hospitalization with therapies.

Unfortunately, this means that your premiums will be significantly higher compared to the two other situations. In case that diagnosis shows that your migraines are caused by tumors, you can still get affordable life insurance.

What if You Get Rejected 

There could be situations when you are fully rejected when you apply for your life insurance for people with a migraine.

There is no need to worry if this happens to you because in this case, you can opt for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

The benefits of this type of life insurance are that you don’t have to do medical exams and will not be asked to answer questions related to your health status.

Practically, with this insurance policy, you will be able to get your contract, even if you have severe migraines.