Life Insurance for People with Lupus

Life insurance for sick people could actually mean a lot of headaches, compared to healthy individuals. Depression, anxiety, diabetes, and lupus are only several of the health conditions that actually make it harder to get your desired life insurance at affordable rates.

When looking for life insurance for people with lupus, this task could represent a real challenge for some of you out there.

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Hope should always be with you, even if you have this health condition because there is life insurance out there waiting for you. Some insurance agencies are really looking to help sick people suffering from severe diseases with high risks of death.

The two main questions that you are definitely interested to find the answers for are: from one hand if you are eligible to get life insurance, and if so, to know how much will it cost, from the other hand.

You are eligible!

The answer is positive – most of the people with lupus can actually get a traditional life insurance policy or life insurance specific to lupus.

The only thing is that you will have to undergo some medical exams so that insurance agents could see how severe your condition is.

One of the most important aspects that you must keep in mind is that you will have to look for your life insurance for someone with lupus at insurance companies that are interested in offering a policy for people with high risks of death, and not a conventional car insurance agency that also happens to offer life insurance deals.

Now that you know that you have high chances to get great life insurance out there, even if you suffer from lupus, let’s see the answer to the second question.

How Much Will a Life Insurance for People with Lupus Costs?

Types of policies for people with lupus have different prices, depending on the circumstances and situation of each individual apart from lupus.

Let’s first see the best scenario: if you have been diagnosed with lupus on-time, it is possible to take control over the disease by proper treatment and prevention to further damage of your internal organs (such as your kidneys or liver) is instantly stopped.

On the contrary, if you suffer from severe lupus, you will most probably have to pay more for your life insurance and in very severe situations, you need to prepare yourself for possible rejection, when you apply for the insurance policy.

Factors to Consider When Applying for a Policy

If you are not sure about the severity of your lupus, take into consideration some factors that insurance agents will also consider, when it comes to your desired life insurance plan. First of all, try to remember the first time when you have been diagnosed with this condition.

Lupus is not possible to prevent, but it is possible to manage its symptoms as well as its complications. The longer you have the condition, the higher chances of complications.


Also, try to remember the frequency of the symptoms. Did you encounter any of them within the past 6 months? Some of the most common signs of lupus include significant fatigue, headache, dizziness, rash, fever, abdominal discomfort, and pain.

All of these are signs of a possible lupus attack which may result in high premiums or even rejection, in terms of your life insurance for a patient with lupus.

The complications caused by lupus are also another important factor to consider. When you already have to take medications for osteoporosis and other bone problems, infections, cancer, liver disorders, lung complaints, kidney diseases, and heart conditions, it means that your lupus presents severe complications.

These complications could result in the same unpleasant situations (high rates of rejection when applying for life insurance with lupus), just as described in the above paragraph.

In order to show the insurance agents that you are eligible for your desired life insurance and you care about your health status, visit your doctor on a regular basis who will take control of the disease.

This is a very important and positive aspect for insurance agents and it increases your chances to get the best possible life insurance deal even with lupus.

Everything that you have to do is to respect the above-described factors and contact more insurance companies for the best possible life insurance policy.