How Blood Pressure Affects Your Life Insurance Premium?


In everyday life, no one wants to think about the possible blows of fate. However, taking into account dozens of millions of those who struggle with blood pressure day by day, it becomes more evident how important life insurance premium is. Well, some people might be frightened when they hear that life insurance is likely to be a bit higher in case they experience blood pressure.

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Therefore, making a decision on life insurance is not easy. At the same time, other types of insurance are more understandable to us. The health insurance of the majority of the population is provided by the employer, as well, we often buy insurance for real estate and cars only because the bank that issued the mortgage loan or has leased it requires it.

However, none of these types of insurance provides what life insurance might bring to you. We talk about a guarantee of security in the event of serious life risks that we cannot foresee. For the whole family, this is financial protection in case of loss of the breadwinner or loss of working capacity due to an accident.

Before you decide on life insurance, you need to seriously consider many aspects in order to choose the most appropriate insurance amount and policy coverage. One of them is tightly connected with blood pressure. So, let’s see how it affects the life insurance premium.

What About Your Lifestyle?

First of all, you need to evaluate your habits, lifestyle, and profession, which determine the risks that need insurance. For example, a fireman’s, a seaman’s or a policeman’s risks included in the policy will be different from those of an accountant, marketing specialist or architect. Hobbies also differ.

For example, climbing mountains or snowboarding involves a greater chance of an accident than handicraft or playing the piano. In turn, the health status of each person, such as for overweight, high blood pressure, and asthma, can affect the insurance premium. You also need to take into account your financial capabilities and how big the premium you can afford to pay.

At the same time, insurance companies while making a decision to give or not to give life insurance premium, take into consideration your lifestyle, too. They carefully study blood pressure and the reasons why it has appeared. However, beforehand let’s look at the brief explanation of blood pressure essence.

Blood Pressure Classification and Life Insurance Premium

There are quite a few indicators that the human body is normal. However, blood pressure is one of the most simple and informative indicators of this kind. It is quite simple to measure since there are already fully automatic blood pressure monitors, in which all indicators are taken into account automatically.

Any deviation from the norm allows one to draw conclusions about the processes occurring in the body. Or the need for urgent pressure correction. Blood pressure consists of the components of the spirit – systolic pressure, which mainly depends on the contractile activity of the heart, and diastolic pressure, which is mainly responsible for vascular tone.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, blood pressure is classified as follows:

  • Below 100/60 – hypotension
  • 100-119 / 60-79 – optimal pressure
  • 120-139 / 80/84 – normal pressure
  • 130-139 / 85-89 – high normal pressure
  • From 140/90 – hypertension of varying severity

In the meanwhile, a blood pressure of 150/90 is acceptable in case you might prove the presence of medical treatment at the moment of investigation.

However, if the personal age is more than 60, this rule becomes blurred, and a person might get life insurance premium without any problems.

Some Words About Deviations

At the same time, for the same person, the pressure can vary within 20 points for systolic and 10 points for diastolic. As you can see, the scope of the “norm” is quite broad. Just because the compensatory mechanisms in the human body adapt well to various changes in the situation.

But any way out of the norm is already a specific pathology requiring the intervention of a specialist. Moreover, a stable violation of the norm means, as a rule, the presence of organic disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels. That is those violations that are almost impossible to fix without surgical intervention.

Why Do Companies Deny Applications?

It happens quite frequently that people ignore high blood pressure and do not visit the specialist. Moreover, they are likely to continue the kind of lifestyle which led them to the illness. Such an occasion has become a basis for denial in giving life insurance premium.

The fact is that a lot of companies think that blood pressure is caused because of overeating or not proper nutritional habits, smoking, drinking, and consumption of fattening food, they are likely to reject your application.

However, stressful work or a sort of environment when you feel as if being endangered might become the second reason.

Thus, while mulling over the question of getting a life insurance premium, try to find out the company that has a deep understanding of all the drawbacks and problems which may be caused by the blood pressure.

What to Do If Your Application Get Denied?

Your application can get denied if the blood pressure is too high and you are not regularly maintaining the medication prescribed by your doctor.

It is always possible to convince a provider by showing your medical reports and your lifestyle, you just need to make sure that you are doing the right thing to maintain your health.

However, if you don’t want to go through all these hassles, it is better to get a guaranteed acceptance life insurance, but you have to keep in mind it is expensive.

Some Causes of Changes in Blood Pressure

Indeed, blood pressure is not caused by only alcohol and bad habits. Quite often, this is a sign of illnesses that hide in the organism for several years. Let’s look at the list of problems which might stimulate the development of this illness:

  • Diseases
  • Meal (The pressure on the satiated stomach is higher)
  • Stress
  • Age-related changes, including those not related to disease
  • Specific products with a stimulating effect, for example, red pepper
  • Medications
  • Strong physical exertion
  • Smoking and alcohol

Some of these causes are purely physiological, so if the pressure rises because of them, then there is nothing to worry about. But if the reasons are not physiological, then it is necessary to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you will need a consultation with the doctor before applying for the life insurance policy.

It is important that the decision on the need for life insurance be made after careful research, and not under the influence of ignorance or prejudice. Therefore, we offer you answers to the five most popular questions regarding the myths about life insurance.

I’m Too Young to Think About it

In fact, life insurance is most accessible precisely in youth, because then it is cheaper – insurance premiums are less than in mature years or in case of any health problems. Life insurance is quite expensive for seniors over 80.

In addition, it is at the beginning of work that people most often do not have additional savings in case of a disaster, which for some time may limit their ability to work and the ability to earn a living.

Do not delay making important decisions! Life insurance, as well as home and car insurance, must be thought of before it is actually needed, otherwise at the time of need it may be that it is too late to make a decision.

Life Insurance is Too Expensive

The majority of people admit they would gladly find peace of mind and choose life insurance and accident insurance, but “it is expensive”. Most people overestimate payments even before they are determined by the insurance company. The size of insurance payments is determined by the age of the insured, the state of his health and the amount of insurance.

For example, for a person of 34 years of age who chose an insurance sum of 80,000 USD, the monthly payment would be less than 20 USD (55.85 per quarter). Find out in the insurance company how much your life insurance could cost, and then decide whether it is expensive or not.

Life Insurance is Not for Everyone!

In most cases, we can agree with this if we are talking about a wealthy person with significant savings, who is not bound by any credit obligations and has no dependents.

For such people, the feasibility of life insurance may not really be very significant. If the size of their savings allows them to cover any damage caused by an unforeseen accident, the cost of treatment or funeral, and if there are no unsecured dependents or unfulfilled credit obligations after their death, life insurance may indeed be unnecessary for such people.

Hypertension, cancer, or diabetes of close relatives may increase the amount of payments. Genetic or hereditary diseases will also affect your life insurance.