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Nowadays, life insurance has become one of the best ways to protect your loved ones, and in the same time a great option for financial future. Therefore, we can say that life insurance protects and in the same time helps with saving money. But sometimes it becomes hard to find life insurance for smokeless tobacco users as they are in health risk.

Before you actually buy life insurance, it is very important to understand how it works. If you know this, then you know what to expect and after all that you should be looking for. Depending on your current situation, your health, and your budget, you should be looking for life insurance policy that is the best for you. All of that, together with your bad habits, may have a huge impact on your policy premium.

Can I find affordable life insurance for smokeless tobacco users?

Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco UsersAs being said, there are many things that will affect your premium. However, it doesn’t mean that your policy will be unaffordable. If you, for example, have heart issues and bad habits, this may be a combination that will make your life insurance policy very expensive.

What happens when people are chewing tobacco? You may be surprised, but you are still a tobacco user, at least in insurer’s eyes which are very important.

Generally speaking, life insurance companies will recognize any use of tobacco as a risk, and they will for sure connect the activity with the development of lung cancer, respiratory illness and may affect your general health as well.

It is true that smoking tobacco carries way more health risks than chewing it, but as being said, it is still recognized as a risk at least higher than a person who doesn’t use tobacco at all.

Even if it chewing tobacco is not that unhealthy as smoking it, it will surprise you how many risks it carries. One of them is leukoplakia, leathery patches inside your mouth that could that can turn into oral cancer. Using tobacco this way may bring many dental problems, such as abrasion of the teeth, gum recessions, and periodontal bone loss.

If you are a tobacco user, there is also increased a risk of pancreatic cancer which will push your premium over the roof. We shouldn’t forget about the higher incidence of tobacco addiction, which can lead to nicotine dependence. This means that chewing tobacco will become as hard to quit smoking cigarettes.

Should I mention my insurer that I am using tobacco?

As many people still don’t understand how insurers underwrite some situations, they usually think that if they don’t mention habits like chewing tobacco, they will get away with it. If you want to buy life insurance for smokeless tobacco users, you will have to go through the medical exam. And the bad news is that if you withhold any information to your insurance company, be sure they will find out anyway.

If you smoke electronic cigarettes, you should also mention it to your insurer. They may be healthier than smoking tobacco, but some insurers will still see it as a risk