Life Insurance After Heart Bypass Surgery

Just after a major heart bypass surgery, often people do hurry to buy a life insurance because they think their life is at risk. An insurer also understands this thinking and the associated risks of a heart patient. Trying to get a life insurance after heart bypass surgery is not possible unless you wait for a certain time period like 6 months to 1 year.

Within the waiting period, you will get a stable health condition and the insurer will allow you to an affordable plan. Immediately after the surgery, you can only get no exam life insurance which is extremely expensive.

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Getting Life Insurance After Heart Bypass Surgery

We don’t want to promise something fake. After any kind of heart surgery, you are going to face higher premium for a life insurance and it is unavoidable. It doesn’t matter how small the operation is! The insurer takes any heart surgery seriously and doesn’t want to offer a cheap plan.

However, there are few ways that can help you to get the BEST PRICE

Quit Tobacco (A Must Do)

To lower the insurance cost, you must quit taking tobacco. Cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, both are harmful and you must stop using it. A non-smoker pays half money for a policy than a smoker. Here, you are a heart patient also! Without quitting tobacco, it is impossible to get a policy that is affordable.

Improve Health Condition

After a major surgery, it is important to maintain diet and physical exercise routine to stay fit. Try to improve your overall health condition. The regular diet plan will help you to keep other risk factors (Diabetics, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol) under control.

A simple daily routine can bring you two benefits. First, you are getting a fit body and sound mind. Secondly, you are saving money. The insurer will obviously respect your effort of staying fit and will lower the cost.

Take Regular Medical Check-up

The heart is a crucial part of our body and after having a surgery, it is a must to stay close to the doctor. Go for a regular medical check-up and keep the records so that you can show the health improvement to the insurer. This will help you to negotiate with the insurer for a low-cost policy.

Compare Rates from Different Companies

Each insurance company runs with own rules and calculations. Each one is different from another one. Hence, it is the best way to compare rates from different insurers and it really saves money! We have the top companies for you. It is a free service, just click here and compare rates.

Here Are Few Questions the Insurer May Ask You

When You Faced the Heart Surgery and Where?

It is the most asked question by the insurers. The time is very important to calculate the risk. Like, if you had the operation in last month, the premium will be too high to pay. However, after 6 months, the cost will not too high.

We always recommend our clients to wait for at least 6 months before applying for a life insurance policy. This is a standard waiting time and if you apply after this time, obviously you will be able to get an affordable deal.

However, if it’s been a decade after the surgery, you may have to take few tests. Statistics say that most of the patients need to go for another surgery after 10 years. Hence, the insurer may ask for few medical tests before giving you a policy. Don’t panic, just go for it. We recommended buying term life insurance in this case.

What Was Your Age When You Had the Heart Surgery?

Age is considered as a vital part of life insurance policy. In this case, the older you are the better. If the surgery has taken place after 40 years, you don’ need to worry about getting a cheap plan. But, if your age was below 40 years, in that case, the insurer may ask a higher premium.

For a person over 40 years, having a heart surgery is quite common. But, for a young person, it’s not. It associated with other health issues.

However, you can always buy graded benefit or guaranteed issue life insurance that doesn’t require any medical exam.

You can get a life insurance even after 80 years. For seniors over 85, we suggest going for a burial plan.

What Was Your Health Condition at the Time of the Surgery? Was It an Emergency Operation?

Emergency heart surgery occurs in case of major heart attack. Most of the patients who faced emergency surgery go through few more complications after the surgery. However, you can still get term life insurance but the cost will vary on different metrics. The number of blocked arteries is important and the lower number the better.

Few Other Questions

The insurer will also ask about the medicines you are taking, your smoking habit, daily life, and occupation.

Never Lie!

Never lie with the insurer. Any false information can terminate your insurance policy.


Finding a life insurance after heart bypass surgery is challenging if you don’t follow the right path. Here, with us, you can definitely find the best life insurance policy.