Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Companies in the USA


Before you get life insurance, the insurer will need to consider multiple factors. They may want to know if there are pre-existing health conditions that may make it difficult for you to be insured.

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Also, the company’s underwriting guidelines may play a vital role.  They determine whether you are eligible for the cover or not. All said the pre-existing conditions may mean that you pay higher rates to get covered or be denied the coverage altogether.

However, if you are denied coverage by the traditional insurers, you should not despair. Guaranteed acceptance life assurance will always have its doors open for you.

Many companies out there are more than willing to give you coverage to guarantee your family financial security. But before we look at some of these companies, let’s look at reasons why traditional insurers may be denied coverage.

Reasons for Coverage Denial

High risk

If the company considers you a high risk, they may deny you coverage. Here are the things the screening process may identify and which may deny you coverage.

Abusing alcohol and smoking tobacco products

Terminal illness – health conditions such as cancer, sclerosis, asthma, obesity, heart diseases, and chronic conditions

High-risk professions– people engaged in high-risk professions such as logging, sea fishing or those with high injury /death statistics

Engaging in high-risk hobbies- they include scuba diving and skydiving

These and many other risks may make it difficult for you to get a cover that can protect your family after you breathe your last.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance carriers will step in to fill the void. The guaranteed issue life insurance policy can cover you irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

Top Guaranteed Life Insurance Companies


The company offers a guaranteed issue to life insurance coverage to applicants. The cover does not require an examination and you will not be required to fill any health questionnaire. It is a good policy if you are interested in having additional expenses such as bills, debts and funeral costs covered.

It is an ideal policy for individuals aged between 50-85 years. Of course, such individuals may not be eligible for other plans. But they can get a cover of $25,000 for the terminal, and chronic illness. The good thing about this policy is that the premiums do not increase during the term of the cover.

Colonial Penn

The company offers a guaranteed acceptance policy where the insured is required to pay $9.95 per month. This policy does not come with pre-existing conditions and there are no medical exam requirements.

Besides, the company’s policies are available to applicants aged 50-85 with a coverage amount of up to $50,000. The company has been around for some time. It is more than fifty years old and is a subsidiary of CNO Financial Group. Also, it enjoys the best insurance rating in the world.


It offers the guaranteed acceptance life insurance cover with coverage amount ranging from $2,000-30,000. The cover is available to people aged between 50 and 80 years. It is insurance of choice because it avails full death benefits as soon as the insured breath their last. If the insured is diagnosed with a chronic illness, they will have access to 50 % of the full death benefits.

Also, the company provides a three -year graded death version. The version coverage amounts range from $2,000 to 30,000. The graded plan is a 3 year plan that pays 5% in the first year and 10 % in the second year.

In the third year, it pays 75% of the death benefits. However, the full benefits will be availed if the insured dies from an accident.

Mutual of Omaha

It provides three distinct whole life guaranteed policies. The policies are whole life express, whole life guaranteed as well as whole life guaranteed direct.

The good thing about all these policies is that the money paid as premiums can never increase. The death benefits range from $3,000-$50000. Also, the guaranteed direct provides cover to anyone between the age of 45-85 years.

Met Life

The company offers a whole life guaranteed cover to applicants aged between 50 and 75. The policy is open to everyone and cannot deny one’s coverage due to health reasons. The policy does not need filling a questionnaire or medical exam. Also, it pays some limited graded death benefit in the first 2 years of the cover.

Unlimited Home Life

The company provides three different plans to cover clients. So the medical situation may not be an important factor. It covers people with critical health issues and those who cannot get a traditional cover. Applicants get covered without the need to go through an exam.

Fidelity Life

It provides a permanent whole life guaranteed issue cover. The coverage amount is normally $20,000 for people aged 50-85. Since it is a guaranteed acceptance policy, you will not need to complete a medical questionnaire or an exam.

Also, their policy does not come with a cash accumulation amount. The policy has reduced death benefit in the first four years. But it provides full coverage at the start of the fourth year. Lastly, the premiums do not change throughout the term of the policy.


It provides guaranteed coverage during the term of the cover. The premiums paid remain the same throughout its life. However, the policy has a limited death benefit in the first 2-3 years of coverage. Also, the coverage amount ranges from $2000-$25,000.

Besides, the policyholders can choose to pay any amount of premium starting from $10 per month. MassMutual provides a policy to applicants aged between 50 and 75 years of age. Such applicants may not have to go through a physical examination or fill a medical questionnaire.

Vantis Life Insurance Company

It sells a policy referred to as SBLI guaranteed Golden Life insurance. Such a guaranteed life insurance cover is designed for applicants between 50-80 years of age.

Also, the applicant will not be required to fill a questionnaire or go through an examination. Its policy value ranges from $5,000 – $20,000.

Besides, it guarantees that premiums will never increase during its life. Also, any accidental death will be covered in the first two years before the full coverage is restored.


The company offers a guaranteed acceptance life cover for people aged between 50 and 80 years. When you apply for the policy, you will neither be asked to fill a form nor undergo a health examination.

You will also be given the option to choose a policy of between $5,000- $25000. The good thing about the policy is that its value accumulates and will grow as more premiums are paid.

Things to Note

If you have carefully read through this article, you must be confused. You must be wondering whether an insurance company can offer a cover without digging into your health status. You are right! No insurance company will offer a deal in which they will lose money.

Here is their catch,

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance cover imposes a death benefit limitation. Typically, the limitation will run in the first two or three years of the policy. So, that if you die during this waiting period, the death benefits will not be paid.

Instead, what some of the companies do is to refund the premiums you invested in the policy. Besides, some of them tack on some interest of about 10%. It is a win-win situation.

But if the waiting period lapses, you get full protection. The insurance pays the full death benefits if you die. However, deaths caused by accidents are exempted. They are treated differently if they occur during the waiting period.

Note that the guaranteed acceptance life insurance companies will pay all the benefits if the insured dies from an accident. Thus, the waiting period notwithstanding, the beneficiaries will receive their full benefits.

However, there is no possibility of the beneficiaries receiving death benefits if the insured dies within the first 2 years from non-accidental causes. There should be no grey area or confusion over this matter. So when you hear a company claiming that it can pay the benefit if the death is non-accidental, don’t trust them.

How Insurance Companies Mitigate The Risks?

The guaranteed acceptance life insurance covers are indeed risky. It attracts people in a frail state of health with a two-year waiting period. The two years of waiting do not always favor insurers so the firms must find a way to mitigate the high levels of risks.

One of the methods they use is to limit the coverage offered. In most cases, the guaranteed acceptance life insurance companies will not offer you coverage exceeding $25,000.

Requirements for Buying Guaranteed Policy

The guaranteed whole life insurance companies have requirements that must be met. Thus, anyone wanting to purchase the policy must abide by the following requirements.

Ensure the company of choice offers its services in your state

Insurance companies must be licensed to offer their products in your state. So before you choose a guaranteed acceptance life cover, you must confirm that the company operates in your state.

Check the age limit

Most companies impose age restrictions. It refers to the age range it will admit new applicants. Some companies do not offer a guaranteed issue to people who are under 50 years of age. Also, many of them have an upper age ceiling. They will not admit new applicants if they are aged over 80 years. However, this does not mean that folks over 80 years cannot get the guaranteed issue option.

Capacity to sign a contract

The applicant must be of sound mental capacity to be allowed to enter into a binding contract. For instance, Alzheimer’s patients cannot be allowed to enter into contracts. So, the firm will not allow such persons to sign a contract.

Things to beware of about guaranteed acceptance life insurance cover

The Ads

You will be bombarded with ads on both traditional and digital media. The ads are meant to convince you to buy a guaranteed life insurance cover. But you must remember that such policies are not for everyone.

You must check your needs and ensure that the policy you buy can indeed meet all your needs. For instance, plenty of policies will protect you right from day one. It means that you may not need to wait for 2-3 years to lapse before the cover comes into effect.

Final expense policies

If you are in good health, you may need to consider final expense policies. They will assess your health by simply asking you a few questions about your medical history. It may save you from paying higher premium rates and the need to go through the two to three years of the waiting period.

The industry is too competitive

The life insurance sector is quite competitive. Thus, you need to compare before picking one that offers the best terms. Also, ensure you understand the unique underwriting requirements for each company.

Most of them compete on two fronts: underwriting and price. An insurance company may charge less to attract more clients. Alternatively, it may choose to charge more and absorb higher levels of risks. So, it may be necessary to know your condition well in advance before you make a move. You should choose a company that offers the cover you have decided to take.

When Is The Guaranteed Life Insurance Cover Suitable?

Given the many benefits the guaranteed acceptance life insurance offers, it is preferred. It is easier to qualify for underwriting and you will be assured of benefits if you survive the waiting period. Here are circumstances you will find the policy appropriate.

  • If it is the only option you have due to health reasons.
  • If it is the cheapest option available because of the circumstances you are in.
  • If you have a personal preference for the cover.


Guaranteed acceptance life insurance covers play an important role in the economy.  In cases where the traditional covers consider one a high risk, guaranteed life insurance covers will always step in to fill the void.