How to Get Out of Debt after Retirement?


“Retirement” which is considered to be the “withdrawal from worries” is not a true phrase in all the cases. We have met many people who seek advice on how to get out of financial debt after retirement.

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Most of the salaried people do not have alternate sources of earning post-retirement. They either rely on their pension or look forward to taking up some freelance jobs etc. At times life gives you surprises and you do not retire as you plan. Financial worries can always overcome your future planning post-retirement.

There can be many reasons that may cause you to get into undesired situations such as such sudden illness of some family member or some unexpected family function etc. These unexpected events may cause you to spend more than your planned budget and thus you may end up in debt.

Why is it Difficult to Come Out of DEBT After Retirement?

At the time of retirement, it is more difficult to come out of debt due to lack of money inflow. When we retire the main source of income i.e. our salary stops coming. Even the pension money or the government grants that we receive are just sufficient for the livelihood and don’t suffice for the repayment of the debt. This causes a lot of trouble for the retired people and keeps them worried for most of the time.

What Can Help the Retired People?

When retirement goes indebted with financial worries we need to take certain steps that can help in resolving the issue. Let us discuss how to go ahead with the solution:

Relax and Keep Calm

It looks like impossible to relax when there is a lot of financial concern on your mind. You always feel like doing something towards solving the problem but nothing seems to be going with you. We suggest you sit down and try to keep calm.

As goes the saying “You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind”. So try and look for the options that you have. Jotting down the important points on a piece of paper is going to help you in untangling the threads of confusion.

Look back at all your investments, life insurance policies, savings and possible sources of income that you may have overlooked until now. Then try to analyze how much help can you gather from these sources and how much more will you need to manage.

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A calm assessment can not only open the doors of mind but also make you optimistic towards the situation.

Seek Help

It is true that some of us do not like to seek financial help from anyone else. But it is certainly not wrong to ask our family members to help us in dealing with the situation. If there are a number of people dependent on you, in that case, you can ask them to minimize their expenses.

Other than this, if there are some working family members you can ask them to help you in paying off the debt.

If none of these is working we have some very useful tip for you- MAKE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY TO COME TO YOUR AID!

How can life insurance policy help the retired people in coming out of debt?

There are several ways that life insurance policy can help you in coming out of the debt:

  • You can withdraw some money (if your policy permits) from your life insurance plan. Undoubtedly your total reimbursement at the end of the policy will reduce with this action but your current problem will be resolved. You can also plan to deposit back the money after sometime when you save enough for it. This will help you to fulfill the quick demand of money and also keeps your dignity intact.
  • You can take a loan on your life insurance policy if you have taken the policy at the right time. This loan can be repaid in comfortable terms over the period of time.
  • If you do not have a life insurance policy of your own and somehow you are not eligible to buy one too then you can take the insurance plan for a young family member. This way you will get insurance plan on normal terms and can avail loan easily on this policy which will help you to repay the loan.


An insurance policy can help you in repaying the loan if you get into any financial debt post-retirement. It is advisable that you always invest in life insurance policy to make you ready to face all sorts of financial troubles.