Why Elderly Over 80 Should Purchase No Exam Life Insurance?

Now you are a senior over 80 years, and you want to go for a life insurance premium.

You have to understand the importance of the insurance plan, and you will keep the heritage of your descendants, and it will all be a blessing to you.

Get Quotes from Top Insurers and Save on Premium

However, you have to be careful because there are companies who will want to provide you an exam life insurance.

For better reasons, it will be expedient to go for no-exam life insurance and you will understand why elderly over 80 purchase no-exam life insurance.

With a great understanding, get over 80 life insurance here and only in the companies that will not ask for any medical exam.

Why Elderly Over 80 Should Purchase No Exam Life Insurance?

Why Elderly Over 80 Should Purchase No Exam Life InsuranceMany of the organizations provide life insurance for older adults up to the age of 80, and they base their plans on the insurance policy that will be released.

No exam life insurance for policies for these seniors will even help you in getting the best possible prices and trust me you will get cheap life insurance.

Sometimes the quotations will differ by some dollars from one organization to the other. So by evaluating various quotes, you will get the most affordable prices in the market, and for no-exam life insurance premiums.

You can get the best deal on the life insurance premiums with no medical exam for the elderly especially when you deal with the knowledgeable and certified brokers focusing primarily on life insurance for older people.

Still, Confused About No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

There are various reasons as to why you should consider no medical exam life insurance policies, and in particular for seniors over 80 years. However, you might be confused about which companies will give you better policies under this rate.

Note: For life insurance with no medical exam no waiting period, read this article.

Transamerica Life Insurance Company remains to be promising among various businesses that provide no medical exam policies. Do not hesitate but get over 80 life insurance here.

The premiums of this company start as lower as $25000 though they are competitive. Every individual approaching his 70s and 80 will have many privileges to purchase their life insurance premium in this company.

With a no medical exam, Transamerica proves to be providing incentives which areas lower than $100000, and this applies mostly to the older adults.

For policies without any review, Transamerica will request the doctor’s records, and they will prefer to use that information and other available information through the Medical Information Bureau as well as other prescription files and your vehicle to make their decision.

So, you have not to worry but consider this company if you have settled to get no-medical life insurance.

Other companies give better life insurance premiums than Transamerica, so in case you are not satisfied with this company, you have to explore still.

Organizations like Sagicor Life and Fidelity Life will give cheaper no-exam life insurance and interestingly, you can get approved over the phone, they only need fifteen minutes of your time.

However, the starting charges might not be affordable, and you might not be comfortable with them.


However even as you contemplate having life insurance, it is expedient to know the importance of the policy.

Even if we have a lot of money while living, but the truth remains to be that having some life insurance in a safe place will be essential and much easier on our children and the grandchildren when we pass away.

Seniors over 80 years should consider purchasing this policy.