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Life Insurance without Medical ExamLife insurance is disapproved most of the time because of health problems. Statistics show that 45 percent of the people are not interested to get life insurance because of health diseases. If you have health problems but still want to get life insurance you can get. Life insurance without medical exam is for those people looking for life insurance with health disease.

Like term life insurance or whole life insurance, the life insurance without medical exam is also an insurance that gives you benefits after your death. The primary difference between no medical exam life insurance and other life insurance is in no exam life insurance doesn’t need any medical exam for getting approval.

People with existing health condition as well as healthy people can get a life insurance without medical exam. You don’t have to show any medical papers for getting this insurance. Check out the free quotes for finding the best policy. Comparing many companies you can get an affordable one.

How to Get Life Insurance without Medical Exam?

To get a life insurance no medical exam first of all you should learn the types it has. There are basically three different types of life insurance without a physical exam.

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Simple issue life insurance comes first. To get this type of life insurance without medical exam you have to answer few questions regarding to your health. Often the insurance companies check the medical history before approving the insurance.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is the most popular form of life insurance without medical exam. Anyone can get this life insurance when they need. No questions will be asked to you by the insurer. The monthly premium is higher here because the insurance company is taking high risk.

Graded benefit is another no exam life insurance. For this life insurance you will be asked by few questions and the company will approve your request. But your family can’t get the insurance benefits if you pass away in the first two years after getting the insurance policy.

Premium for Insurance without Medical Exam:

Comparing with the traditional life insurance the no exam life insurance costs more. For any traditional life insurance you have to go through a medical exam process. If you don’t pass the physical exam your request will be declined. The insurance companies take high risk for no exam life insurance as a result they always ask for higher premiums.

If you don’t have any other way to get approved life insurance because of health issues, only then you supposed to go for life insurance without a medical exam.

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